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Air Hogs

Spinmaster Toys, 250 The Esplanande, Toronto, ON MSA 1J2, Cananda

Airhog and pump.What a fun idea, just pump it up, flick the propeller over to start the engine and launch. One small exception - the box says that you need 100 metres of free space in each direction!!! I've just bought one and I'm itching to try it, however, it has been a bit too windy today and it is sitting on my table.

airhog-002.jpg - 11387 Bytes

The engine is very simple indeed with very little to fail. With this basic system has anybody out there tried anything else?
Has anybody out there fitted bigger wings?
Bought two and turned them into a twin?
Built a land vehicle using the engine?
Built a bigger or multi-cylinder on the same principle?

We will tell you how we get on with ours and any hints and tips we have...