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Baldock, North London Model Flying Club

4th June 2000

Gliders and tugArrived at the North London MFC Site near Baldock and we started to unpack Gary's car which we had filled with models - gliders and tugs.

The wind was quite strong and blowing across the strip which made it a short take off or landing area for some models. We decided that we would aerotow across wind which gave us more runway and used the down hill gradient to our advantage. For our first flights we used the J3 Cub and the Pilatus B4 which I was flying.

FortressAs usual there was some superb models which included Stearmans (my favourite aircraft) and Spitfires plus various Warbird types being flown by our old friends from the Harlow MFC. Dave Plummer, Ken Bones (London MFC) and Ted Gailbraith (Harlow) put on an excellent display of formation flying with the B17 Fortress and the two Corsairs, well done boys.

CorsairOther aircraft which caught my eye was a Stampe in Jaguar colours and two Aeronca C3. Lunch time was sorted in the usual London MFC way which consisted of their superb BBQ which the Club seems to do so well and I should know as I haven't missed a meeting since first coming to Baldock in 1984. After lunch we thought we would fly the ASW 24 - wingspan 3.5 mtrs.

This we towed up with Gary's Cub using the runway long ways and down hill. We hadn't tried this before but all went well. The ground run is quite long and some patience is required waiting for the glider to get airborne before I dared to leave the runway with the towing Cub. Later in the day we flew the Cubs in formation and this went down well. All too soon the day was over and we said our farewells to the hosts and made our way home.

A good day had by all.