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Model Tech Mudry CAP21

Built & flown by: Dave Taylor.


This model of the CAP 21 built from the Model Tech kit in the colours of the full-size CAP 21 of the same registration. The full-size aircraft is a single seat unlimited aerobatic single-seat monoplane. The model was flown by Dave Taylor for over 5 years and clocked up over 300 flights (averaging 15 to 20 minutes per flight the total flying time was over 75hours) and had numerous outings at scale flying events at which it won a number of trophies.

Mudry CAP21

KitModel Tech
Scaleapproximately 1:5.5
EngineYamada YS120
Propeller16"x8" APC
Fuel24fl.oz. of 10% nitromethane

CAP 21 along with some of the trophies

The fuel tank was positioned on the centre of gravity so that the aircraft flew the same no matter how much fuel was in the tank. Placing the mass at this point also improved the manoeuverability especially the pitch control. The Yamada was an excellent match giving the model almost unlimited vertical performance.

An excellent choice for aerobatic and scale modeller alike.