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E-Flite Blade mSR

By: Nigel Taylor

I've had an E-Flite mCX for around a year and have been flying it around the house on a regular basis. Absolutely great fun to fly, but with the twin rotors it doesn't look as realistic as it could and the response can be a touch on the tame side.

When I saw the new mSR and read some reviews I decided that at some point I would just have to upgrade. Well that time has come.....

I already have a E-Flite CX2 and the transmitter will work the mCX and mSR and so I only needed to buy the bind-n-fly set.

The bind-n-fly set comes with the helicopter, two batteries, mains charger and some spares.

The helicopter is roughly the same size as the mCX, although with only one main rotor it is not as tall. It weighs just 1 ounce (28 grams).

The mains powered charger is a great bonus as it will charge 4 batteries at once. Note, the charger will also run from dry-cells allowing you to have a portable system.

The battery sits under the main rotor between the landing legs (again just like the mCX). It is a very open construction - again just like the mCX.

The construction is superb and well worth the money.

The tail rotor is fixed directly to a small motor.

The following picture shows the mSR (blue) and mCX (yellow) side by side. Very close in size, if anything the mSR is a touch smaller.


It has taken me about 5 battery charges to get the helicopter as you would say flying. I can now hover at about 5ft from the ground and slowly fly around the room. It is very responsive and the slightest input and it is away - this is going to take some getting used to.

The great thing is this model has some real power in reserve and you can really feel this. I have yet to push it hard, but I do get the feeling that this will develop my flying skills.

If you're new to helicopters then buy an mCX first and get some hours in.

I will let you know how I get on flying this over the next few weeks.


Type: Ultra Micro Fixed Pitch Single Rotor Helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 7.0 in (180mm)
Gross Weight: 1 ounce (28g) with battery
Length: 7.5 in (190mm)
Motor Size: Coreless Main Motor, Micro Coreless Tail Motor

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