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Flair Cub Powered by RCV 60

Report by: D. R. Taylor

Flair Cub powered by:
RCV 60 plus engine
2 : 1 Output gearing
16 x 10 prop.

Flair Cub

Having decided to build this Flair Kit Nigel found that the instructions were clear and ended up with a true and well built airframe. We discussed suitable engines and agreed that a RCV 60 plus would fit nicely inside the cowl and give the model lots of power. The front engine bearers were omitted and replaced with a bulkhead to which the engine was bolted. This was mounted using the crankcase lugs on the engine. Unfortunately there was a slight problem being that too much of the engine would be protruding from the cowl. After a lot of thought and telephone calls the engine was returned to RCV Engines and the crankcase was adjusted around so when refitted just the exhaust and needle valve protruded. RCV engine installationMany thanks to RCV Engines in helping to solve this problem. When Nigel mounted the engine he allowed 3 degrees right thrust which he felt might be required and was proved right when the test flight took place. The whole engine was covered with a beautifully made cowl using litho plate. This was designed by Nigel and not incorporated in the building instructions.

Radio installationThe radio gear was situated further back then suggested in the instructions in order to balance out the engine. Nigel also fitted all the gear from beneath leaving the cockpit clear for a pilot and passenger. Once these had been fitted it added to the overall scale appearance.


The model was then covered using a white profilm and detailed with red trim giving a finish in Swiss type colour scheme. Dubro cub wheels were added and although not to scale do suit the aeroplane well.

Engine cowls removedOnce all the controls were linked up the test flights took place. All went well and we just had to make a few minor adjustments to centralize the servos. The C of G was spot on.

Nigel runs this 'plane on Model Tech fuel which is recommended by RCV and has proved to be a very reliable and powerful engine and economical to run.

An enjoyable model to fly with it own unique sound due to reduction gearing. We can highly recommend both kit and engine and recently Nigel even passed his 'A Test' flying this baby.

Flair Cub

By D R Taylor