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Trip to the Lake 2

The return of Skippy!

By: Gary Church

25TH February 2001, after Dave and Nigel, AKA Wing Commander Skippy and Captain Nemo had tried out the lake and their new floats last week I was itching to get out and try my floats. These had been acquired second hand from Don Harvey and had been waiting for some action for quit some while (nearly a year). Unfortunately I couldn't be at last weeks outing as I was on Holiday.

So after what was rather a long walk from the car park to the lake we finally set everything up and Dave (Skippy) offered to take the 1st flight, to show me how it was done! After a smooth take off and characteristic "Skippy " Landing, I had to have a go at this myself.

The model, A Goldberg Cub complete with SC 90 4 stroke. This was started and warmed up well and all controls checked and double checked. No more excuses cub in the lake and pointing into wind, swallow hard and gently open the throttle and go for the take off. Amazingly all went well, pull up into a steep climb, stall turn and pull out over the water heading own wind, this was great fun. I found the same handling peculiarities as Dave has already mentioned but none of these were any real problem. After a few minutes of circuit flying I decided that I should try some dummy approaches, these went ok all 6-7 of them so it was time to land. Here we go I thought, in for a dunking. But no, a bit of power and down elevator to pull through the turbulence on the approach and gently level out over the water, and a gentle touch down followed, at this point I taxied straight ahead to the lakes far bank and parked against the bank before retrieving the model. Excellent.

In total I have had about 4 complete flights today with the last flight being all take off and landings with only 1 circuit in between, all of these with out any problems (ok so a couple of the take off were pretty ropy but they all got off).

We had great fun and I would recommend this type of flying to anyone with the facilities at their disposal.

As for Dave's name of Skippy this came about from his landing technique, that being the more you can bounce your cub the better the landings must be, (apparently he had been watching the Dambusters film and got a bit carried away).

By: Gary Church