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Flying over water

By: Dave Taylor

Couple of years ago I was on holiday in Wales. We were staying on a campsite between Pendine and Amroth. Just a short walk away was the coast and a massive cliff which was perfect for slope soaring. The 2 metre Fox was duly rigged and thrown off. Wow! The lift was tremendous. The Fox had never flown so well. She was flying in such smooth air coming in from Carmarthen Bay. It was slope soaring heaven.

The next year we returned to the same site and again I spent several happy hours having some wonderful flights.

The following year we went to Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula and again we were confronted with perfect conditions for flying over the sea. The views are to die for. It takes a lot of nerve to throw your pride and joy off the cliff and the landings can be a little hair raising. But boy what fun. This type of flying is SO recommended. The seagulls make it look so easy.

This year (2007) you find me in Cornwall flying off St. Agnes Head with the 2 metre Fox again. The lift was fantastic and I met up with another guy also on "holiday" and we had a great time but as you can see from the video you have no beach to land on should the lift die. Coast flying is brilliant fun. Give it a try.

View from the glider - Radio control slope soaring at St.Agnes Head, Cornwall. Glider is a MDM Fox - 2.25 mtrs wingspan, weighs 3lbs. Futaba radio. Has ailerons, elevator, rudder and aero tow release - 5 servos. Flying took place April 2007. Pilot Dave Taylor!