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Guillow′s Jet Stream

By: Nigel Taylor

This is one of those models that is just delightful as it takes you back to your childhood. Normally there is always a dissapointment as the items are never as good in later life as the early childhood memories.

However, Guillow′s have done a superb job making the parts out of good quality balsawood and machining the parts very accurately.

This really is a 5 minute job to assemble.

In addition this is pocket money cheap - I paid 2 for mine from Antics.

Fully assembled and the memories flood back.

The wings are in one piece of balsawood and have been set with some dihedral to make the model reasonably stable. This is a change to the old models I remember that were in two pieces with a red plastic central joiner that gave you the dihedral and fixed the wings to the fuselage.

Now I'm going off to indulge my childhood and run around the field chasing my glider.

Check out some of their models online - then find a model shop and get started.