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Ikarus Aerofly Professional Deluxe Fight Simulator

By: Dave Taylor

After careful consideration and thought my son and I decided to order this simulator. We are both keen model fliers but wanted something to ‘play’ with on a wet Sunday afternoon.

A quick ‘phone call to TJD Models and two days later the "Postie" delivered our parcel.

The package wasn’t very flashy, just a box containing a couple of disks, USB lead and instruction booklet. We had also ordered an extra ’add on’ True Scale edition which we thought would allow us some more interesting scale planes to fly. This proved to be a disappointment because we were unable to operate this disk because our computer wasn’t compactable. Unfortunately we also couldn’t get a refund because we might have already made a copy of this disk. Nowhere was it stated that you needed faster graphics to run this programme. Never mind be ok if we upgrade our system.

Setting up the simulator is quick and easy - just load the disks and follow the step by step instructions. Transmitter is connected using USB lead which comes with both Futaba and JR type plugs. This then needs to be calibrated to suit the system.

Good choice of aircraft - some 64 different types. Also you can change scenery, modify aircraft, alter wind speed etc.

Graphics are good. You have both photo sceneries and computed generated ones. The photos work faster with the aircraft.

When flying, on the simulator, there is a difference to flying the real models. Response with controls to plane is slower but it only comes in at a close second.

On the whole this is a most realistic simulator and we think the makers have reached their aim. Different aircraft are harder to fly than others and it’s certainly good to practice with. A big advantage is you can crash, as many times as you like, but don’t have to rebuild! You don’t have to rely on fair weather and can fly in the comfort of your front room.

Overall money well spent.