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Kyosho Minium Citabria

By: Dave Taylor

We recently bought a Citabria from TJD models for around £85 complete with all batteries necessary to go flying plus a spare flight battery.

As usual the service from TJD Models was good and the package arrived in two days. Unfortunately the weather didnít cooperate so we couldnít fly outside for a few days as it was either too wet or windy. Things finally calmed down and outside we went to test fly.

First impressions were of a very capable model despite itís small size. Able to take off from the ground and also land back as you would with any other larger type of plane. I must however say that you do require calm conditions as any slight breeze does reflect on the planes performance and it gets moved around very easily. Due to the good control afforded by the large scale rudder and elevator this is no problem if you are say solo on a larger trainer. The only thing that I have found slightly different to get used to is the throttle control. Firstly it has no ratchet and secondly the motor stops at the middle position on the stick which does take a little getting used to. As my son pointed out it could just be my age! The real reason is that Kyosho not wanting to leave out anyone from flying have made the transmitter inter changeable from mode one to two at any time just by flicking a switch on the transmitter and therefore have forgone the usual complications of dismantling the transmitter to do so. This really makes it a very friendly model to share amongst friends.

Our next outing with the Citabra was to our local farm which has a large grain store cum hanger and here we could really get down to some flying in these calmer conditions. The very light (22 grams total weight) model really did like this situation and we were able to fly around very slowly doing gentle turns, flying figure of eights and climbs to the roof. We tried some aerobatics in the form of a loop but you really have to be quite harsh with the elevator to get it round which isnít what this type of model is about. The Citabra looks at itís best just cruising around at a little more than ľ throttle. Everyone who sees it falls in love with it and those who can fly have a go and want one.

Just recently my son and I also flew the Cessna 210 minium from Kyosho and it too is a great indoor flyer but does fly a little faster at around the same weight and has a very slightly smaller wing. This model loops easier and having a nose wheel is a little better on the ground. There are videos of the Cessna on the Kyosho website so click on and have a look. Also check out after market kits to put the Cessna & Citibra workingís into. One of which is a SE5a made of depron at around £20.00

We really like this ready to fly kit from Kyosho and at this price I know they are onto a winner.


LENGTH:335 mm
MOTOR:M6 corless with gearbox 5.28:1
SPEED CONTROLER:FET proportional ESC/receiver
FM Radio:3 proportional channels

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