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Westland Lysander

By: Keith Barnett

The story behind Lizzie is that I was given her by a friend who had found her on his travels. The workmanship was obviously of the highest possible quality and made by an expert. This was in a purely skeletal form.

Sadly on closer inspection it became obvious that she had been made to replicate as near as possible the fullsize aircraft, with no consideration given to her being a flying model. No provision had been made for engine, fuel tank, controls, electrics, etc. So I found that to get her into an airworthy condition I had to practically rebuild her.

A complete new front end and cowl, wings remade to accept controls and mundane things like rib capping etc. Rudder and elevator controls rebuilt.

Plans bought for reference from Dennis Bryant, who drew plans of the same size, from which I could adjust the model I had. I settled on the Duxford Lizzie to finish her off.

Pictures of full size Lysanders available on at - Westland Lysander.