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Multiplex Fox

By: Dave Taylor

Multiplex have recently developed and put onto the market a very small free flight glider, made from their ELAPOR foam and selling at just under £10 pounds. We recently purchased one with the view to putting some RC gear into it, making it either a rudder elevator or aileron elevator or maybe even putting a small brush less motor on the front. I was undecided at first.

So, what do you get for the money? Well very little, a bag with a fuselage, wings and tail plane. All this slots and pushes together very well and it flies good for a free flight glider so much so that it spent the first week as just that. It is very easy to trim by bending and twisting the foam so that we could get some great flights.

Nose weight in this glider is a ball bearing placed in the removable canopy. This is easily removed when we put in the RC gear. [see photo’s].

I decided to make mine an elevator and aileron control and to use a two channel 27 meg radio that I had together with two very small 3 gram servos plus a small battery pack.

This turned out to be one of the quickest builds that I have ever done it took me just a couple of hours! The ready to fly weight turned out at just 80grams or around 3 oz’s, I was pleased with this and using the RC gear to get the cg back to a sensible place on the wing I ended up putting the elevator servo at the back to keep things balanced. It was all starting to look good.

It was out to an open place to test fly by throwing it just as we had when it was a free flight. The test flights went well. Next we tried some sidearm launches which when I got it right I had some good flights, not long but they did look promising.

Back at the workshop I ended up fitting a small hook at about 12mm forward of the cg by gluing in a small piece of ply into which I screwed a small cup hook. Later in the week I tried this set up using my small bungee and light weight string. The Fox launches into the sky up to 80 to 100 feet which gives you plenty of time to try looping and rolling her. She is able to fly in quite strong winds around 10 to 15 mph. I cannot wait to take this latest ‘toy’ on holiday onto the slopes and have some fun.

The Fox in-flight with Dave at the controls and Pete Beadle with the camera.

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