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Pica 1/5 Scale Spitfire

Can you remember your first radio controlled model aircraft?

Well Nigel Potter will because he chose to build a 1/5 scale Spitfire from the American manufacture Pica.

When he started he had know idea of what was involved at all. He had never built a 'plane of any type before and he had never flown RC, control line or free flight. Ambitious or what!!

Nigel did have one or two skills up his sleeve. He is a fabrication Engineer and this has proved to be very useful while building this kit. Nigel realized early on that accuracy is very important indeed so he built a jig on which to assemble the fuselage. This has been well worth the time and trouble and the result is an absolutely beautifully built fuss and a joy to look at. In order to support the jig and all the other building, Nigel built himself a very large, strong and flat bench. You can walk all around the bench which does make life easier at times.

Well Nigel started building before he could even fly. Therefore he began to learn all about RC flying and it has been great fun and my pleasure in helping him along the way. He has progressed well and recently passed his A certificate. He is now a very good pilot who enjoys his RC flying very much and I am sure he will progress on to fly the B certificate. Won't you Nigel!

The Spitfire has now progressed to the painting stage. Here with the basic camouflage added.