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Scale Weekend - Old Walden

10th & 11th June 2000

We arrived on Friday, late afternoon, and set up camp. With the weather looking promising we enjoyed a BBQ and made plans for the morning and then turned in for the night.

Aerotow Tugs and GlidersUp early the next morning and after a quick breakfast, Gary and I went over to the control tent to book in. We flew four slots on the Saturday where we managed to aerotow the Pilatus B4 and the ASW 24 gliders with the Cubs.

Cirrus MothThese displays went down well with the crowd. I later flew the Cub with a banner advertising and then we both did some formation flying with the Cubs. Don Harvey flew his Cirrus Moth with the 4 cylinder engine which sounded lovely.

Sunday - weather was bright and sunny but with a little more wind across the runway. There were more people and lots more models about today but with the wind strength and direction a few were put off flying. We flew about three slots with the aerotowing again receiving good response.

F15 JetAli Mashinchy of Al's Models gave a magnificent display with his Turbine powered F15 Jet. Super aerobatics with slow fly pasts - well deserved a slot to himself and certainly the speed the model flew was impressive. A show stopping demonstration.

Hawker Demon Free-Flight'String Bag' Free Flight

We had a much more relaxed day walking round looking at the well stocked Trade Stands. We stumbled, by chance, on a beautifully built but unfinished Boeing Stearman. This had been built by Peter Roake from Bury Model Flying Club, using factory drawings. What a gorgeous model.

Unfinished Boeing StearmanUnfinished Boeing Stearman

Nick Prescott's Tiger MothAt the end of the flying afternoon prize giving took place. I confess I didn't catch all the winners but one model which took my eye was a Tiger Moth.

Nick Prescott with his winning Tiger MothThis had been built by Nick Prescott from the Flair Kit to 1/4 Scale, powered by a Laser 150 and looked splendid both on the ground and in the air. His parents flew in the prototype G-AHIZ based at Cambridge Flying Group in 1968 with the late Len Jeffreys. Nick won the Best Civilian Scale Trophy, well done.

Here are some photographs of other models that caught my eye. Including some tethered cars and some guided rail racing cars.

Alf's Tiger Moth and Don Harvey's SE5aTripacer from the Cambria KitPiper L4

Electric Powered Lancasters0.40 cu in powered Lysander

Tethered carTethered carTethered Cars

Guided rail racing trackGuided rail racing carsV8 and In-Line 4 Model engines

A brilliant weekend and even the family enjoyed themselves.

Dave Taylor