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Talk on Indoor Free Flight

On the 5th March 2002 I had the pleasure in attending a talk and demonstration on the art of Indoor Scale Modelling by Peter Smart.

For those of you that are not aware this skillful man makes and flies indoor free flight models made from blue foam. "Floormate" is available from Sheffield Insulation. Peter carves the shapes of the fuselage then hollows it out until very thin sides are achieved. Then he carves the wings, tail etc.

Glues such as epoxy, white glue, Aliphatic Resin and to my surprise odourless Cyno are used to adhere the pieces together. The colour schemes and decoration is applied by airbrush using Humbrol paints.

Not all the aircraft were rubber powered. Some were being propelled by beautiful little Casparin CO2 motors of very small proportions. When demonstrated these ran very well.

Later in the evening Peter showed us some rocket powered aircraft built and flown by Richard Crossley. These were built using Balsa, tissue and dope and again were of the highest quality.

I hope that the pictures give you a little idea of the model size and the skill that has gone into making these lovely models.