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The Alula

By: Dave Taylor

Itís true! Great things do come in small packages. The Alula - a small glider from Michael Richter.

I had read a couple of articles about this kit and was quite keen to have one. I ordered mine via the Internet and it was safely delivered by the postman.

One small box with a beautifully designed kit which went together like a dream. The instructions are first class. The finished glider doesnít look much. Itís tiny, lightweight and not very impressive but what a gem! I couldnít wait to test fly her and just chucked it about in the garden. Interesting!

Took her to my local flying field and boy what fun. Even in a wind she flies so well. Itís quite surprising that something so small can be such fun and very responsive.

Apparently the designer spent lots of time observing birds of prey, especially the red-tailed hawks, in flight and applied this knowledge to building his flying wings.

Best £40 I spent. Excellent little model which you can Ďpopí into the car and take anywhere.

For more details, visit Michael Richter's website at:

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