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The Alula - the 2nd One

By: Dave Taylor

The first Alula was beginning to get a little tatty and had lived in the back of my car and had been flown at a lot of different places. I had taken her on holiday, thrown her off cliffs, launched her from the beach and mistakenly dipped her in the sea.

I decided that I needed to replace her with another kit. Nigel, my brother, and editor of glue-it arranged with Michael Ritcher of to purchase another and it duly arrived complete with the recommended servos and battery.

This time I was going to build it as per the instructions using the covering of tape. I wasnít going to try another pro film job. In the meantime I had the pleasure of flying my mates Alula which he had built to the instructions using the lightweight tape and I found this was flying very well. This reassured me I was going along the right lines about how to build mine. The good thing about a second build to me is that you can correct any mistakes you had made the first time round. Everything went together well and the test day arrived. As usual the first flights were done in less than ideal conditions and it was found I needed a few grams of lead in the nose to suit my style of flying.

The recommended servos seemed to be a lot better than those I had used in the first model. I had also taken some trouble to make the hinges a lot better.

All in all this Alula flies and handles much nicer than the first model I built. This is not to say that the first Alula is not good but she has been relegated to trying out new hills or dodgy cliffs. Anywhere Iím not sure of conditions. So she is the test glider.

The new Alula weighs 4.6 oz which is exactly as it says on the instructions. Does it fly better? Well yes this model is a great improvement to the first one. Performance is outstanding and it will slope soar off anything. Lift can be found off small buildings, trees, hedges and she goes up in the smallest of thermals. The only restriction is your ability to sniff out the good spots or to have the nerve to try something different.

Mark showing just how easy it is to launch.

My son, Mark, has pinched my new model. He had a go the other weekend flying the Alula and is hooked. He just loves this model. So easy to launch and no messy fuel. Looks like Iíve lost my new toy!

Note to myself: Future project. To revamp the first Alula and keep it for me!

I can highly recommend the Alula and suggest you visit and order one. No Iím not on commission.

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