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"Winner" Glider

By: Dave Taylor


  • To build a competition chuck glider while away for a weekend in a caravan
  • To enjoy quality time with your son
  • To use materials in kit plus 1 or 2 extras
  • To fly model and have FUN!


  • Take 2 x "Winner" kits DPR Models at
  • Assemble kits as per instructions printed on back of box
  • Test fly gliders

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is. My son and I spent a couple of hours on Saturday happily assembling a kit each. Instructions are simple and easy to understand. We found everything we needed in the box apart from a sanding block and a knife.

The balsa is die-cut and the pieces ‘pop’ out with ease. By using a match box we found this worked well as a sanding block. A modelling knife was helpful to cut the dihedral and a rule would have been handy to measure the dihedral angle so this was a bit of guess work. The balsa cement provided is fine for sticking everything together.

The whole kit went together in about a couple of hours and finally after adding the stickers you are ready for a test flight.

The qualities of this kit are excellent and a brilliant way to introduce someone to balsa modelling. Perhaps one suggestion to DPR Models would be to add a rule to the side of the box to enable you to measure the wing dihedral angle.

Overall this is a winner - excuse the pun! Happy flying.

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