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Adverse Yaw

Adverse aileron yaw is caused by the down going aileron creating more drag than the up going aileron which in turn causes the aircraft to yaw in the opposite direction to which you want to turn. This feels like the ailerons are working in the opposite direction and is at first quite wrong but there are a couple of things we can do to alleviate this:

  1. We can use rudder in the direction that we wish to turn.Applying rudder just a head of the aileron or together at the same time.This can also be mixed using a mixer either mecanical or electronic. Some full size aircraft have linked controls:eg Forney Aircoupe.

  2. Using aileron differential, that is adjusting the mechcanics in the linkagers so that the up going aileron moves up more than the down going aileron. This way the up aileron producers more drag than the down going aileron and kills the lift on that side of the wing,the opposite side down going aileron now producers lift and not so much drag and rolls the wing into the turn. Fullsize aircraft to look at with large differential :eg De Havilland biplanes Tiger Moth, DH 60 's, Piper Cubs, Aeronca Champion, Vintage Type Gliders.

See also: Aileron, Differential Control, Flaps.