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Engine Power to Weight Ratio

The power to weight ratio for a given engine size is a useful parameter to use when comparing aero engines. Some popular makes are tabulated below:

Make & Model Displacement cc Power to Weight Ratio bhp/kg Two/Four Stroke
OS FS-26S 4.4 1.52 four
OS FS-40S 6.48 1.82 four
OS FS-70S 11.5 1.92 four
OS FS-120S-E 19.95 2.18 four
OS FS-52S 8.57 2.22 four
OS FS-120S III 19.66 2.26 four
OS FS-120S-SP 19.95 2.41 four
OS FS-91S II 14.94 2.45 four
OS FS-91S 14.94 2.53 four
Super Tigre GS-40 6.39 3.09 two
OS 25FX 4.08 3.36 two
OS 61FX 9.94 3.44 two
OS 40FX 6.47 3.51 two
Super Tigre GS-45 ABC 7.53 3.85 two
OS 46FX 7.45 4.22 two
OS 91FX 14.94 5.09 two

This should only be used as an indicator. However, may be used if you're choosing between manufacturers for the ultimate engine.

See also: Aero Engines, Propellers.

Model Aircraft Glossary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z