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GliderA highly efficient engineless aeroplane. Capable of flying for long periods in gently rising air currents (thermals).

The British Association of Radio Control Soarers A useful place to look for all sorts of gliding information and further links.


A great way of getting some real altitude to start your flight. Read more about the models, tow lines etc Aerotow and about training: Aerotow Training.


It′s true! Great things do come in small packages. The Alula - a small glider from Michael Richter.

Alula - the 2nd One

Note to myself: Future project. To revamp the first Alula and keep it for me!

Multiplex Fox

The Fox launches into the sky up to 80 to 100 feet which gives you plenty of time to try looping and rolling her. She is able to fly in quite strong winds around 10 to 15 mph. I cannot wait to take this latest ‘toy’ on holiday onto the slopes and have some fun.

Slope Soaring

Quite a scary prospect throwing a glider off the cliff, but this is a great sport and one of the most relaxing and enjoyable afternoons you can have. We have put together a page on slope soaring that includes videos taken from the glider: Slope Soaring.

Stealth Glider

Balsa Cabin made a kit of a stealth fighter. F117 Night Hawk Stealth PSS Model Kit - extremely quick to put together and draws a lot of interest, is very docile to fly but does require at least 20mph wind to remain airborne. Once in the air however it does look realistic tracking up and down the slope. All told a very interesting subject which we could recommend to those who like something that little bit different.

ST Models DG 1000

Perhaps not the best looking glider on the ground or close up but when in the air this model rewards you with some nice flying. Well worth the money at around £130.00

Winner Glider.

The qualities of this kit are excellent and a brilliant way to introduce someone to balsa modelling.

Windrider Fox

After a throw and a short glide the Fox did not disappoint and glided quite a distance. Now happy that it went quite straight we hooked up the to tug and off we went.

Zip Hand Launch Glider

I'm pleased to bits with the model, it flies nicely and has no bad habits and certainly well worth the money.

See also: Aerotow, Aerotow Training, Slope Soaring.