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Indoor Flying

This is a very relaxing pastime. There are several clubs who hire halls or sports halls on a regular basis - have a look through our Aircraft Club pages to find one.

Some time ago we looked at some of the most stunning indoor models: Indoor Models Talk and demonstration on the art of Indoor Scale Modelling by Peter Smart.

BMFA Indoor Crawley

There was certainly plenty of different materials being used from carbon fibre, balsa, foam (both 2 mm and blue carved) through to dried grass, yes grass!

EFlite Blade mCX

So I've gone mad and bought an Eflight Blade mCX and a Blade CX2. Having only flown a 2 channel helicopter before this was my next step up.

EFlite Blade mSR

The next step in indoor micro helicopters, single rotor, 4 channel and only 1oz (28 grams).

Guillows Jet Stream

This is one of those models that is just delightful as it takes you back to your childhood for just £2

This has to be the cheapest way to start and get the bug for indoor flying. You will soon get hooked and want to move on to your own models, but a start is a start.

Hirobo XRB SR Lama

Iím not a helicopter man. Well I thought I wasnít . As they say "donít knock it until youíve tried it" but guess what? Yes Iím hooked, line and sinker.

Kyosho Minium Citabria

We recently bought a Citabria from TJD models for around £85 complete with all batteries necessary to go flying plus a spare flight battery.

Micro Radio Control Helicopter

A very small RC helicopter from that flies surprisingly well.

This really is just a toy and you will soon get tired of the performance.

See also: Electric Flight, Glider Model Aircraft Gallery.