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Wing Construction

The wing of a model aeroplane that is intended to fly may be constructed in a number of ways depending on the required performance envelope of the model aircraft.

Each type of wing construction has it's own pro's and con's:

  • Open balsa wood structure: Light, asthetically pleasing, rigidity dependent on construction and covering, difficult to repair.
  • Veneered foam: Strong, rigid, easy to repair, heavy.
  • Balsa veneered foam with woven cloth and resin covering: Very strong, rigid, requires expertise to produce a matching pair that are light.

All of types of wing construction are very dependent on the final covering for their ultimate strength and durability. If weight is to be kept to a minimum then the final covering should be considered carefully.

Materialoz./sq. yard.
Light Colored Japanese Tissue;3 thin coats of nitrate dope0.87
Colored Micafilm1.03
Light White Silk;5 coats thin nitrate dope1.13
Colored Skysail;4 coats 50/50 butyrate dope1.62
Black Silkspan;5 coats thin nitrate dope1.66
Colored Transparent Monokote1.69
White Japanese Tissue;4 coats 50/50 butyrate dope2.18
Colored Nylon;6 coats 50/50 butyrate dope2.19
Opaques Colored Monokote2.22
Coverite 21st Century Film2.31
White Super Coverite2.40
Colored Super Coverite2.70

Note: These figure should be used for indication only.