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By: Beatrice Taylor

When making a bracelet you must always make sure you have a selection of beads to make it with and once you have itís really quite simple, but first plan out your bracelet. Try using a repeating pattern with your bracelet however some selections of beads look best random.

To make this sort of bracelet you really need see-through elastic that can be purchased at most craft stores. This elastic is best because itís very thin and at the same time pretty strong. This elastic can be bought in lots of different colours however clear works best.

As you can see Iíve chosen a careful section of beads. Personally I chose a red theme with floral clay beads as a centre piece then got banana shaped glass beads so they looked as through they almost cupped the big bead. I also chose some small white and blue glass beads to fill the gaps.

When I bought the beads I made sure I got enough beads so that the bracelet was big enough even though I had some spare in the end. To start threading my beads I tied a tight knot in the elastic and even secured it with some nail varnish.

Once securing the elastic I started to thread the beads on being careful to keep them in the right order.

To make treading the beads simple I made a easy to use wire threaded, it is just a piece of fine wire bent in half. Having made the threader push the elastic through this will speed up making your bracelet.

Youíll find the beads will be threaded very quickly and once you have pull the wire off being careful not to let the beads slip off the elastic.

Having thread all your beads pull up the elastic and carefully tie it in a tight reef knot preferably tie more knots on top to make it extra secure.

Once youíve tied/knotted the elastic use clear coat nail varnish (that you donít want anymore) to secure the knot. Make sure the knots tight and there are no gaps.

With the clear nail varnish donít worry what type whether itís clear coat, top coat or bottom coat. Really itís ok as long as itís clear and the make does not make a difference.

Try your bracelet on and make sure you like it for you can still change and repeat the steps again!

Bracelets like this make brilliant presents for friends and family they give a personal touch to the present and you can easily include their favourite colours.

If you are giving it to a friend try putting it in a chiffon gift bag like this. These little bags can be purchased at most good craft stores.

With this style of bracelet try making it in lots of different designs. Here are just a few ideas!!!

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