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Fish Recreations

by John Edwards

I have always liked making things, and since I can remember I have drawn and painted, I am self taught apart from an "old" A in O′ level in art at school. (That shows my age!).

After years of doing commissions part time on my art work I gradually became less motivated, I needed some thing more. As a keen fisherman I happened to chance upon an American web site with someone selling Fish replicas, I was hooked! This combines model making and painting, Plus most fishermen /women practice catch and release, (apart from "edible" fish such as trout and salmon). Most species are available as part built models from the USA; these still need lots of work done on them using dermal type tools and epoxy resins etc to get them ready to paint. Then I have to construct the base or diorama.

To make replicas from actual fish, rocks, plants etc I had to learn the basics of moulding and casting in numerous materials, (I am still am learning) I use numerous types of materials. For painting modern day paints are a joy to use and I use a leading brand of Acrylics, plus the appropriate mediums. The result is a model fish that should last more than a life time.

You can see more of John′s work at:

John Edwards