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Older Activities

Things to make for the more experienced crafter or under supervision.


We decided to make a press to use as a book or printing press, my initial thought was to use a layered plywood construction.

Puri Paper Models

These models are 100% paper made and I do not use any machine tools like printer or any other software drawing tools.

Macrame Bracelet

A more advanced version of the macrame bracelet that we showed you how to make in the kids activities section.


When making a bracelet you must always make sure you have a selection of beads to make it with and once you have itís really quite simple, but first plan out your bracelet. Try using a repeating pattern with your bracelet however some selections of beads look best random...


Making felt.

Pot Stand

This was really something to make to try out a new fretsaw that I had just bought, but the result was rather pleasing.