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Big soldiers form TRIFON Minatures

by Patricia Martínez

TRIFON Miniatures is an Argentinian brand of scale replicas that joined forces with GDC Dreams (also settled in Argentina) to produce top quality miniatures of almost any scale or subject, being it historical, fantasy, sci-fi or filmic characters, vehicles and/or machinery. Most of their pieces are the work of Guillermo Centeno and Patricia Martínez (partners not only in the miniature business, but in life) that started working together in 2001.

Argentine Horse Grenadier / 25cm (10") tall

By Guillermo Centeno

The range of pieces produced goes from 25mm wargame miniature sets to 1,5 meters (5 feet) tall sculptures, having all of them the same care about detail and the best possible finish.

These new 10 inches soldiers is the newest work of Guillermo Centeno, that developed a full line of original sculptures at 25 cm of Argentine soldiers (from historical to modern units) for TRIFON Miniatures. These models can be easily customized to different units from all around the world, getting great detailed, good sized pieces with a professional painting finish (By GDC Dreams).

Argentine Horse Grenadiers - Officer or Chief Officer / 25cm (10") tall

By Guillermo Centeno

Argentine Officer, Los Andes Liberator Army (1816) / 25cm (10") tall

By Guillermo Centeno

We pursue on this line the best historical accuracy and the more realistic appearance on each piece, having plans to develope new figurines, not only local but also european and american units, in the near future.

Argentina Trooper, Los Andes Liberator Army (1816) / 25cm (10") tall

By Guillermo Centeno

We also have a wide gallery of examples that you can visit on these links:

Argentina Freeman Fusilier, Los Andes Liberator Army (1816) / 25cm (10") tall

By Guillermo Centeno

Argentine Mechanized Comando / 25cm (10") tall

By Guillermo Centeno

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Patricia Martínez