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Pot Stand

This was really a test for my new Axminster Fretsaw.

The first thing was to think up a pattern for the pot stand.....

If you remember making a paper doilly then you will be well away.

Firstly I cut out a square from a piece of A4 paper.

This was then folded diagonally, folded again and again.

The result is the piece of folded paper you see on the left.

The fun bit is cutting out shapes.

Be prepared to make quite a few of these until you get something you like.

Unfolding the design is really fun as you get to see the result.

I fixed this design to a piece of 3/8" thick plywood with some paper glue and very carefully transferred the design to the wood with a pencil and a ruler.

I added a border for strength.

I marked with a circle all the closed areas that needed to be drilled and then drilled a 6mm hole at each position.

The cutting out on the fretsaw takes some time.

After cutting out all of the pieces I carefully sanded all of the edges.

On the back surface I glued some small blocks of wood with PVA glue.

The result, a finished pot stand.

I know, it will burn and get marked by very hot pots and pans, but that really is part of the fun.......