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I bought the wool from Forest Fibres on ebay. There are many places where the wool can be purchased from.

We start by laying a towel down on the table and on top of this a fine piece of nylon netting.

Pull the wool out and split into three equal parts.

This way you will have equal amount for each layer.

Pull the wool out and lay in horizontal strips allowing for some overlap.

If you press down on one end of the wool with your hand move your over hand along and pull it will come out nice and even. At the ends of the short section the wool will get thinner so overlap your next piece with it.

Continue this until you have one complete layer.

Next vertical strips.

Again you want one complete layer without any major holes.

Carry on this layer until it is the same size as the first.

Now start on a third layer going horizontal.

Fill in any gaps you can see with left over wool.

Now add another layer of netting on top.

Wet the centre of the felt.

Rub the netting/wool with a scrunched up plastic carrier bag. Use a circular motion and start gently but gradually use a firmer motion.

Now add some watered down hand is best if you put it in a squirty bottle because it is then easier to control how much you use. The ratio of soap to water should be about 1:3. Just add a little and rub it in you should see a white skim on the surface of the wool.

Keep on adding more water and soap until the felt is even all over. Then turn over.

Repeat what you did on the over side.

Place the wool with the net on ever side on a large piece of bubble wrap.

Roll up the wool use an old bit of piping keep on doing this, turning the wool over every now and again.

Once you have done this eight or nine times take the felt from between the net and start folding.

Scrunch the felt up in your hand.

Add some water and roll it around in your hands.

Unfold and repeat this four or five times.

The felt will look quite lumpy and filled with water.

Sqeeze out some of the water into the sink and then run cold water through the felt.

Leave it to dry on a radiator. Alternatively you can iron it, just be careful it doesn't stick to the bottom of the iron.I used a pressing cloth but be careful because some of the dye came out.

And there we have it a piece of felt.