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Colouring Pictures

These pictures are for printing out and colouring in. The originals were created by Beatrice.

Please click on the picture you would like to print out and then press the Print button.

Cake Sale

Cakes for sale, lovely cakes for sale.

Fairy Cakes

A fairy cake with small fairies flying around, another original Beatrice design.


This is Theo the wise young fox who always likes his coat to look bright and shiny.

Flower Power

A girl and her flower power car, another original Beatrice design.

Girl on the Dance Floor

This is a girl at the school disco.

Magical Palace

A magical palace to colour, another original Beatrice design.

Nut Cracker

A traditional festive nut cracker.

Wind Blown Starlet

A starlet stands next to a large fan that wafts her hair, an original Beatrice design.

Winter Wonderland

A snowy Christmas scene including Santa and Rudolf, an original Beatrice design.

Woodland Fairies

Woodland fairies, another original Beatrice design.

Woodland Fairy

A fairy that enjoys spending time in the mystical forest, another original Beatrice design.

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