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64-Gun, 2nd. Rate British Ship

By: Dennis Holmes

16th Century, 64-Gun, British Ship. This is my new ship now being worked on, it is one of my originals, scratch built scaled at 1/96. This ship is made out of chestnut wood, a plank that came off of a 150 year old barn. Plank-on-frame construction, some planks are left off the ship to show the construction of the ship. Shows a man on the quarter deck to show the size of the ship, the hull is not completed.

This photo is the chestnut barn plank that the ship was made out of.

More info.- The Dimensions on the hull of this model are 21" long x 5" wide mid-ship x 5" high mid-ship, and draws 21" of water, to the water line. Scaled at 1/96 this model would be 168' long, with a beam of 42' wide. This model has 5 different deck levels, 64-guns that fire 12" cannon balls, with a barrel of 5' long. All of the bulkheads and the beams on deck are spaced at 5' centres.

I have over 500 hours in this ship, 300 just in the gold work, and another 500 or more to go.

Well, maybe a few more.........Now with 1175 hours invested in this ship the following photos show the completed model.

Truly superb, Ed.

Dennis Holmes

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