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by Charles Darley

Construction of a Model Ship

Introducing the model builders and information on model construction types

The construction commenced on 13 August 2000. The bottom of the ship is flat bottomed, ideal for model construction. Martin, in the front of the picture, and I at the rear of the picture, commenced by making up plans to the scale required.

Bread & Butter Construction

The ships lines are transferred to pieces of timber that relate to the vertical changes in the curves of the ship's hull. The pieces are then mounted one upon another to form the bow shape. Any excess timber is then initially planed off followed up by sanding to achieve the final shape.

Plank on frame construction

Frames which follow the out line of the ships hull are placed at intervals along the ship's keel and are then glued and screwed in place. Planks are then fixed to the outer edges to form the hull.

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