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by Charles Darley

Linking the bow and stern sections continued

The craft has been aligned following making a good fit at the centre. Timbers were clamped on each side to hold the bow and stern section in correct orientation and the whole craft checked for square by eye.

Here is the last picture before the rear section has the linking pieces glued into place. Careful checks were made to ensure a good fit as this part of the craft will experience significant stresses whilst afloat.

Three pictures showing the progress of gluing up. That to the immediate left show the linking pieces attached to the stern section. The craft had to be parted as soon as possible after fitting all the relevant pieces of timber else there would be the risk that the linking timbers would glue themselves together !!!!

A cross member is clamped in place to ensure the correct width of the craft until a cross beam could be fixed into place.

Here we look aft in the stern section of the craft. You can see the deck sides. To these will be attached the upstand to form the hold upper sides and hatch covers.

Here the camera has been placed inside the craft looking forward to the sections of timber that have just been put in place.

The importance of reaching this far before the cold winter weather sets in is so that GRP resin can be used to coat the outside of the craft. Carrying out such a task in winter is difficult, as curing of the resin take much longer.

On the 30th September 2000, it has been decided that fixing on the out side are not in keeping with the craft so 8mm studding with rubber gaskets will provide the stabilization of the link of bow to stern section.

This final part of the linking between the two halves was achieved on 12 October. The construction of water tight bulkhead to separate of the centre section now need to be built.

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