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by Charles Darley

Construction of the bow continues

The sections of timber to be used for the remainder of the side of the bow have been cut roughly to shape. These will reach from just above the main deck level to the fo'c's'le deck level.

Looking at the side of the bow you can see the bread and butter construction section that still have to be be planed and sanded off set above the lower part of the bow that has been sanded off.

As we will need to cut these sections of timber once they have set to the angle and the rear edge of the fo'c's'le deck they are clamped ion place but no glue has been applied on the bottom of the third piece of timber down from the top.

The fo'c's'le deck level has been set in the top piece of timber and all three have been cut off where they meet the rear of the fo'c's'le deck. The timber will be routed to accept 1/4" ply for finish off to the top of the fo'c's'le.The bow post will be also cut back to take the ply.

The finished bow section, full planed and sanded off. The bow piece stands proud awaiting the saw !!!

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