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by Charles Darley

Development of the Ship's propulsion system Part 1

The picture shows the propeller against a full sized scale drawing of the actual ship's propeller. Although the model propeller look as if it has a smaller diameter than that in the drawing it is in fact the same size, as the photograph cannot properly show the overall diameter of the propeller.

Here the drawing has been altered to show the proposed use of the kort nozzle. The rudder has been moved so that it is equidistant around its turning point and the propeller tube and shaft has been extend so that the propeller will turn at the centre of the turning point of the rudder. The overall size of the rudder has been kept the same but by the use of the kort nozzle it is hoped that greater turning performance will be achieved.

This gives an idea as to the proportions of the tube enclosure which will form the kort nozzle.

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