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by Charles Darley

Development of the Ship's propulsion system Part 2

By scanning and image of the basic tube that will become the kort nozzle its actual size is established.

This is the image that the scan produced. It is an exact 1:1 image of the end of the tube and whilst using a rule and several measurements the dimensions could have been achieved using a photo image program it is more easily achieved.

With some photo manipulation is has been possible to measure the exact size using the cursor and the built in rules so the precise cross hairs at 90 degrees to each other could be plotted.

So the the image would be printed in more definite outline it was filled with additional colour. Strictly speaking only one line was required but the second one was added in case the first was damaged or did not print well.

Then by standing the tube over the image, the extended line of the cross hairs is seen at the edge of the tube and the tube has been marked by using a square edge set again the mark. Then by turning the paper image around the other side was marked thereby ensuring that the marks are, as well as can be expected, equidistant on opposite side of the tube.

The centre can then be found by measurement and marked ready for a pilot drill hole which will be enlarged as required to take the support arrangement which has yet to be designed.

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