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by Charles Darley

Development of the Ship's propulsion system Part 3

But first an error has been found. The propeller shaft support has the be cut away to allow the motor support to be constructed. Where we are now working in the boat it will not be readily accessible when the decks are in place. So there is no time to delay this operation!!!

The propeller mounting block has been further cut away and two side cheeks glued into place. The motor must be accessible when the decks are in place so fixing to the mounting blocks will be by brass wood screws accessible from within the bridge super-structure.

This is the base to the engine mounting set over the mounting blocks.

Looking towards the stern, the motor is mounted in place and has the toothed belt in place to ensure correct alignment.

Note that there has been the expected change to a toothed belt drive system from the original "V" belt pulley system

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