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by Charles Darley

Construction of the bow commences and information on the motor installation

The bottom of the model is from an old packing case. It is about 16" wide, which is a little over size for the width for the bottom, but the electric plane will soon deal with the over size!!!!

Here you can see the "bread & butter" construction technique. This makes the formation of the bows curved construction easier than had we use plank on frame.

After a few days rest to allow the wood glue to set consideration was given to the stern tube assembly.

Here you can see the motor in the back ground the "V" belt it is proposed will drive the vessel via a 3:1 reduction pulley system.

The propshaft is set at an angle of about 2 degrees. It is a copper water pipe tube 15mm which as can be seen is to be set between two sheets of ply with solid timber spacers. Small packing pieces will be used to align the tube in the timber sections.

This picture gives and even better idea of the proposed arrangement. One side of the assembly is not yet fixed in place so that you can see the propeller tube alignment. Soon the tube will have bronze bushed made for it which will be silver soldered into place.

The propeller shaft will be 1/4" steel shaft, threaded to take the propeller and a flat area inboard to take the pulley fixing.

Here we have the embryonic location for the kort nozzle, which will enclose the propeller. This is not in keeping with the actual ship but will give the model greater manoeuverability at slow speed especially if we decide not to include a bow thruster arrangement.

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