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by Charles Darley

Formation of the structure of the Bridge

Into the grooves that were routed out, the walls of deck level part of the bridge is built. This is the first part where some detail is important, there are recessed doorways to the deck accommodation, so they have to be built into the structure. The opening that this is forming will be the access way to the rudder assembly and to the motor assembly.

Here you can see an outer corner that is being reinforced by an additional piece of timber, as are the corners of the recess.

Above the deck level accommodation there are several other decks. To enable access to the interior of the model the top part of the bridge assemble above the deck level accommodation will lift out from the lower section. Here you can see the deck (darker ply) and a shaped former (lighter ply)that will sit in side deck level accommodation. Onto the light ply will be fitted additional timber so that the two section will over lap by about 40mm.

This view show the deck level accommodation block developing, as viewed from the stern. The batteries are merely acting a weight to hold down the two layers of ply whilst glue set in an effort to keep the ply flat!!

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