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by Charles Darley

Making of a pantograph to aid construction

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, well I need a toll that can cut out windows in sheet timber. I recall that as a young child I was given a pantograph one Christmas. It is a simple tool to either enlarge of reduce drawings to various scales depending upon the position of the arms guiding the pencil. The one pictured above is designed to reduce by 50%

There is a fixed pivot point at "A". The four points "B", "C", "D"are used to move the location of a pencil for drawing and the router for cutting out at "E". Point "P" is the location of the pointer used to direct the movement of the pencil/cutter. The picture above shows my MK1 pantograph cutter in its construction stage. At point "A" a small pile of weights will hold down the arm and the section of timber further out than point "B" will hold the weights to counter balance the weight of the router.

With this configuration the pointer at "P" will move twice the distance of the cutter, therefore plans will need to be enlarged to twice finish size. By doing this any error in the movement of the pointer will be reduced by 50% at the cutter.

The piece of timber located at position "H" is the timber that will hold the router in place.

If this arrangement is successful for cutting out the windows of the Bridge then a more substantial system will be developed constructed in steel for closer tolerances and may have a dedicated electric motor and cutting tool!!!

Well failure occurred.... The timber used was too thick and the cutting blade of the router only just cut into the timber. I shall redesign in the hope of having something better in a few weeks time. Sorry for any disappointment.

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