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by Charles Darley

Formation of the Bridge area and the Upper Bow Deck

This picture is looking at the side/front of the bridge. The outer bridge walk way is in place. The door opening onto the walk way has been cut away and side cheeks fitted. Note that the area that will eventually be the windowed area is slanting. This posed a few problems in achieving the correct angles on the pieces.

A view at the same stage of construction showing the bridge from the rear. A more detailed bridge I would like to construct at a later time. This will be possible as the top of the bridge is removable to be replaced by any other when built.

So the time has come to fit out the bow area. It has been decided to do this before trying to fit the the remaining parts at the bow as the deck area will need to be sanded down before those parts are fitted. The vertical timber was put into the routed slot, note the use of the square to check that the timber is set a right angles to the deck. Two pieces of timber are used for the upper deck. They are laid in place to ensure that they fit well. A hatchway will be cut in the deck. This will give access the bow thruster when fitted.

Here the hatch has been cut out and the timber put to one side ready to make into the hatch. Note the rounded corners, With the timber being in two parts the hatch was easily cut out. If the timber had been in one piece then there would have been the necessity to drill a small hole and use a fret saw - not an easy job!!! Sections of 20mm timber have been placed below the deck level to that the hatch has something to land upon. These timbers also support the join in the deck timbers.

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