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by Charles Darley

Making up the bulwarks at the bow

The large green clamp is holding the bulwarks in place around the bow. These parts were first drawn onto stiff paper and then transferred to the thin ply. Adjustments were then made so that the ply sat as a snug fit.

Here I have had to cut a timber so that one clamp can be attached to the deck. Another clamp is then being used to hold the side piece in place. The edge that can be seen it where the second layer of ply will sit and be laminated together to provide a strong bulwark.

Where the side pieces are to make contact with the deck they are being held in place by the green clamp. eventually a small fillet piece will be fitted to add strength to this piece. Further strength will be added when the GRP resin coating is given.

You can see the spacers used to support the outside timber in place held by the green clamp. The effect of this clamping I hope will be to keep the side pieces vertical.

The cross timber has been placed to protect the bulwark at the bow when the craft is turned up side own to continue construction / finishing.

This is the model as completed so far, including a mk1 model man sitting on the flying bridge!!

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