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by Charles Darley

Fabrication of the propeller tube

Before we can progress further with the timber parts of the model, the propeller tube must be made. This component is made in my model workshop from 15mm copper tube and bushes from phosphor bronze.

In this picture you can see one of the two bushes being reamed out to 1/4"

After the fabrication of the bush it is silver soldered into the copper 15mm tube. Silver solder is used as it is a structural fabrication material used in the construction of copper boilers for model steam plants.

Fabrication of the pulley that will be on the shaft is from marine ply. The picture shows an early test piece. The pulley belt is in place and you can clearly see the "V" in the pulley. In the final version the Pulley will be soaked in GRP Resin to ensure that it does not break up in use.

>To hold the timber pulley in place on the propeller shaft a bush is made up from steel. This is drill and reamed out 1/4" so that is is a nice fit to the shaft.

The picture shows the turning of the bush before it was removed from the lathe and the fixing holes drill and the bush taped to take a 2ba locking bolt.

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