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by Charles Darley

Construction of the rear bulwarks

Following the construction of th bulwarks at the bow as the fixing was a little problematical I have decided to rout out a recess the take the rear bulwarks. Here the first 5mm groove has been made. This was extended to allow a 10mm overlap.

Here the first section of rear bulwark. Note the angle down to the deck and the sloping edge where I have had to join the section of ply rather then waste it !!!

The whole of the first layer of ply is now fitted.

Second layer of ply is now fitted. Note the number of clamps and pegs used to ensure the adhesion takes place over the whole of the surface of the two pieces of ply. Panel nails have been used to fix the pieces into the groove.

Here the rear bulwarks have been completed and the scuppers cut through using a router.

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