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by Charles Darley

Construction of the Hatch Covers and their mechanics

The construction of the hatch covers will be the most difficult part of the construction as it will need to mix skills in the use of timber with those skills needed to make metal parts. The design of the hatches needs them to open and follow tracks each side of the hold and to concertina together at each end. The design whilst exhibited on the General Arrangement drawing needs to be brought to the model scale. Several hours work will be need to ensure that when the construction starts it can proceed with out redesign being needed.

The hard work has been done and the hatch sizes decided upon. Now comes their construction.

As I do not have ply the correct width I have to join two pieces together. The ply has been marked out ready for cutting.

The first four hatches now exist in their first stage of construction.

The bow hatches are still in one piece waiting for the glue to dry. The clamps are holding in place the lower runner upon which the covers will rest when in the lowered position.

Whilst visiting the ship in its home port of Rochester I was able to take this picture which shows the hinge between the first and second hatches.

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