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by Charles Darley

Construction of the Hatch Covers and their mechanic 2

The picture shows the plans layout of the folding hatches. The ram must fit between the "Deck " level and the "Underside" of the Hatch. It will need to link to the raising arm at one of the three points shown. On the actual ship the raise point is abut 50% of the distance between the pivot point and the stand off where the hatches come to rest. I think that if the raise point could the high then the force of the ram could be less and then of necessity be brought further forward than the mid point used on the ship.

The dark dotted line across the picture is the likely line of the ram, to enable good leverage as well as limiting its size. The lighter dotted line show where the fixing point will follow when the hatches close.

With the fixing point on the deck at the position shown the ram would be inline with the path to be travelled and therefore should have a good chance of operating!!!

This is the start of the experimentation into the use of hydrolics. It is hoped that we will be able to make the hatches open using an air system running at about 35psi. The picture shows from left to right - pump - pressure gauge - pressure restrictor - syringe with is merely the trial cylinder - valve to restrict flow of air. The air can be pulsed or kept on for up to 30 seconds else failure of the valve would occur.

This was never developed - Sorry !!!

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