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by Charles Darley

Construction of the Bow Thruster Part 3

and formation of the anchor recess plus today's picture of the whole model

Looking forward through the bulk head which separates the bow thruster from the forward hold.

Here in more detail you can see the use of resin mixed with saw dust from the band saw used as a filler around the tubes leading to the side of the hull.

Looking down onto the bow thruster unit, bow to top of picture.

One of the exit tubes before being sanded flush with the side of the model.

Whilst we are dealing with the bow here is the start of the formation of the anchor recesses in the bow.

This is the "construction tunnel" including bubble wrap layer introduced on 14th October 2000

The is the model as at 14th October 2000 just prior to the commencement of the construction of the hatches.

On the 18th October with the rubbing down completed to the bow section, the location points were marked where the wire grill is to be the formed across the bow thruster openings.

21st October sees the grills in place. Firstly small holes were drilled and then wire bent to shape and super glued into place. A light coat of resin will be applied to wires and holes the ensues that the wires stay in place.

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