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by Charles Darley

Lettering on the model ship

The lettering of the side of the ship have benn enlarged from the 1/100 plans and printed onto card. The card has been cut out to form a template for the letter on plasticard.

Here I am marking out the letters onto plasticard.

Here the lettering have been marked out onto plasticard (20/1000 inch thick). You can also see some of the letters already cut out.

The letters wee cut out on a chopping board (with the permission of the wife!!).

The original card from which the letter were cut is used to mark the positions of the letters on the side of the model.

The letters were stuck into place with Super glue and then given a light coat of GRP resin.

The letters are in place prior to the coat of resin.

The letters of the ship's name are now in place and have been given a very thin coat of resin which will help to keep them in place!!!

Always looking for an improvement I decided to try cutting the letters out through a piece of paper upon which the letters had been printed. This made the outline of the letters much more true to shape and size. The card cut out is still required as a template to show the position of the letters.

The technique outlined above enabled me to make the load line marking. Now I have to find a way of putting the associated letters on the load line levels.

On the 29 October the lettering the stern of the model was completed and the letters given a coat of GRP Resin. The location and size has been assessed from photographs of the ship.

With each of the letters and the symbols the paint colour will be applied and improve upon the shape of the cut out. The cut out will however given a good basis from which to work.

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