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by Charles Darley

Colours of the paints used on the ship

- Painting commences

The sides of the ship are grey, the hatches and decks are green, with the lettering on the ship in funnel blue.

I was kindly given samples of the paint actually used on the ship. The board shows those colours.

I shall be obtaining domestic paints to match. Additionally the super structure is in white. No sample was required for that colour!!!

Painting of the hull commenced on 22nd October 2000

The last time the bottom of the model is seen unpainted.

The bottom of the hull with the first coat of undercoat. This was applied thinly and will be rubbed down and a few additional section of filler used to improve the finish.

The last time the the starboard side of the model is seen unpainted.

The undercoated side of the model.

25th October further undercoat painting carried out to the remaining side so the whole hull has received its first coat of paint !!!

26th October more under coating!

27th October the undercoating is completed for the hull. The most super structure was given its first coat of undercoat, with the lettering/logo being attached to the sides and a coat of GRP resin applied.

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