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by Charles Darley

Painting of the gloss coat paint colours commences

The paint colours have been matches to be as near as possible to those of the actual ship. Currently I am using household gloss paint as matt paint was not available in an oil based finish.

The bow of the model with the first coat of grey finish gloss colour, you can see the shine from the reflection of the workshop light!!

The stern with the same gloss paint as in the picture above but note the apparent change in colour.

This area is not completed as the transom has yet to be finished with regard to cutting drainage holes such as exit to the sides of the model.

The bow with the red painted area which denotes the normal unloaded water line.

The stern also painted to show the unloaded water line.

The super structure and bridge almost fully undercoated. The shipping lines logo is on the side and has been coated in GRP resin.

The ship's funnel, now paint blue with the X on the funnel which will be picked out in white. See below

November 2nd and the painting continues. Here the after part of the model reaches completion for the first coat of paint ready for the test sailing.

The ship's name on the stern. The detail here was found from photographs taken during a visit to the ship.

Markings on th side of the model.

The company's name on the side of the superstructure.

The super structure and funnel. There is a great deal more detail to be added as the model is fitted out.

12 November 2000

The deck hatches whilst not complete in their construction need to be painted ready for the first trails.

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